Get involved

There are a number of ways in which you can get involved with the Eastern Shrewsbury Local Joint Committee.

Attend a meeting

The Local Joint Committee (LJC) meets several times each year at a variety of different venues across the LJC area. You can attend these meetings and put forward questions to your local councillors about local issues that are important to you.

The meetings are also attended by staff from Shropshire Council and other partner organisations, such as the police, fire service and Severnside Housing who answer questions about how their service is delivered in your area. Follow the local meetings link for details of when the meetings take place.

Contact your community action officer

If you have an issue you would like the LJC to discuss you can contact the community action officer who will make sure the item is discussed at the next meeting.

The community action officer can also help with issues outside the meeting, by following up issues with the Shropshire Councillor for your area, and by working with other services within Shropshire Council. The community action officer can help coordinate a response from other organisations to issues such as anti social behaviour and environmental maintenance.   

Funding for your project

The Eastern Shrewsbury LJC has £40,000 of grant funding to spend on local projects in 2010/11. If you have a project that involves local people and needs funding you could apply to the LJC for support. The community action officer can also give you information about other grants that are available to support your project, such as lottery funding. Click on grant information link for more details about grant funding in your area.